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I am looking for a local/local-ish dub-reggae act to open up a show at the Underground in Hamilton for ARI-UP & THE TRUE WARRIORS (ex-Slits lady-punk gone reggae-style).


With THE RESINATORS gone on hiatus, my ideas are limited on a QUALITY act. Some ideas about reggae groups from the GTA/GHA or 519 region would be appreciated.

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I would like to throw my band's services in to the ring for the opening act you require.

Seeing as how your mailing address is Cincinatti Booking I think you know of us.

We are [color:blue]the Chameleon Project from Toronto. We do classic dubs, reggae drum & bass and electronica. We are completely professional and have our own album and vinyl and a history of successful gigs in and around Toronto and southern Ontario.

We recently played a successful and well attended show at the Pepper Jack with Contact (April 30th)and recieved good press in the Hamilton View and Spectator.

If you are interested in reciving our press kit for consideration please let me know.

Visit the links below for more info and press-kit.

We are currently interesed in opening for other bands to expand our audience and influence....



e-mail josh@chameleonproject.com

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