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Playlist - Jamgrass - May 10


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Hey everyone,

Jamgrass will air again today at 4pm NL time....2:30pm On time, 12:30 AB time etc...

Have been away and busy for the last week and a half so I have nothing "prepared". Will be winging it today

I know that there will be songs from Kottke & Gordon, Stephen Franke & NFTTS, Tony Rice etc...

Last week's play list looks something like this (What I can remember). It was a tribute to Cdn Bands/musicians

1) Road To Freedom (McCormick)

2) Shoulder to Shoulder (Hungry Hill)

3) Kelly's Mountain (JP Cormier)

4) Old Blue Bridge (The Bills)

5) Me & Rennie (Fat Cats)

6) Never Can Tell (GTB)

7) Lemondust (Nero)

8) All (Diesel Dog)

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I know this is going to be too late now Kaidie Mae (sp?) but for future reference, here's the link;


Here's today's setlist;

1) Katie Daley (Blistered Fingers)

2) Don't You Think It's Time To Go (Del McCoury Band)

3) Hallelujah, I'm Ready (Ricky Skaggs & Kentucky Thunder)

4) Jackson (Craig Korth)

5) Frankie & Johnny (The Skiffle Sessions) - Van Morrison, Chris Barber, Lonnie Donegall

6) John Hardy (tony Rice Unit)

7) Barefoot (Barefoot Manner)

8) From Pizza Towers to Defeat (Kottke & Gordon)

9) Track 2 (?) (Stephen Franke & NFTTS) - Songs for a platinum Blonde Dinner waitress

10) Life is Precious (?) (Stephen Franke & NFTTS) - Songs for a platinum Blonde Dinner waitress

11) Brown-Eyed Women (Grateful Dead) - Dick's Picks Vol 7

Like I said, I was winging it this week so I don't have all the proper names and dates for the setlist.

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