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Ottawa This Weekend (party content)


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Hey there folks in Ottawa..Mikey Here. Just a reminder that the Jeff Heisholt and Mike Filipowitsch experience at Cafe Dekcuf on Friday the 13th is cancelled. I know what you are thinking...man that sucks...well essentially you are right. However, this is not stopping me from making a visit to Ottawa...I will be arriving on Satuday the 14th...and I was hoping to party, anyone in? As well I plan on opening for Grand Theft Bus on SUnday the 15th at Mavericks....

I am very excited as I am a fan of Ottawa and the folks there...so see ya soon. mikey mike and the country bunch

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I'm in for what(ever)'s happening on Saturday. (I did a quick check, and The Bush Pilots w/ Good2Go are playing at The Rainbow on Saturday, 9:30pm start, no cover.)

As for Sunday, IIRC, GTB was talking about starting the show early (or earlier than normal), it being a Sunday and all. With you added to the bill, do you have any idea what time you'll be starting? (I want to make sure I get there in time to get the taping rig set up.)



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