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Yet another "Best Guitarists" list


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didn't Jon Bon Jovi play guitar??? ;) He'd kick Kim's arse

oh wait, no...he was just livin' on a prayer, and trying his damnest at acting....he wore a nice wife-beater in "Pay It Forward" though. He really should have auditioned for those shampoo commercials instead.

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Is it that people just don't like Kim Mitchell or do they really think he wasn't a very talented guitar player?

I don't have any reason to dislike the guy, I just never understood what all the fuss was about. Sure, he had some hits wayyyy back when that everyone got down to and were catchy. But when I think of "best guitar player", I think Neil Young, not Kim Mitchell.

I guess it also could be that he's become a bit of a joke around the GTA. His afternoon hosting duties on Q107, while not terrible, leave much to be desired. He must've worked out a pretty sweet contract with Q because they promote him left and right. I haven't personally been to any of his more recent shows, but I hear that he just plain stinks now. Anyone around here been to see him lately?

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Nick Drake and Steve Vai on the same list.

Can you say "find an f'ing sub-genre you meat heads"?

Steve Vai - could be filed under

unemotional shredders who likely believe their guitar is an extension of their member.

Nick Drake - sus chord peddling whine horses.

Mostly just being a smart-ass here. I like Nick Drake ... sometimes his music makes me want to hang myself, but it's inventive and Steve Vai sure is speedy. [color:purple]Scorching fretboards yeah!


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What credibility do they people have that compiled the list? I just skimmed over it and I won't look at it again, but was Lenny fucking Breau mentioned?

Pete Townshend at 36? I guess his innovative use of distortion and power-chords aren't that influential.

I think Kim belongs on the list, at least up to his lame-ass I Am A Wild Party song.

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What credibility do they people have that compiled the list?

None I imagine.

Its just a list compiled from visitors to the website by the sounds of it.

They have a "Greatest" list for everything...

These lists are a source of information& debate to help guide you to discover new & better musicians,bands,albums & songs that may truly be of interest to you.


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