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In need of BIG luggage


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We're heading off to Europe in less than a month and we need some bigish luggage to take with us. wondering if anyone has some they might lend us?

all we have are backpacks, and despite my love for backpacking, it just doesn't seem to be the right choice in luggage for a three week posh vacation. It calls for posh luggage!! heheh...preferrably some with wheels.

If you have some and wouldn't mind lending it to us, please let me know?


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no, a LITTLE smaller than that would be good! hehehe! But thanks.

we're flying into Munich, staying there for a day or two, then driving down through austria to Venice, italy. Staying there for a couple of days, then heading out to switzerland. Flying from Switzerland to Malaga, Spain, where we will crispify ourselves on the beach and then take a ferry to Morrocco, where hopefully no one will force us to purchase carpets at knifepoint. Then off to portugal for a day or so. Then fly to Paris for 4 days. Then home exhausted, financially poor, but spiritually richer for the experience!!!!

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You two have yourselves an INCREDIBLE journey!!!

abit green here but mostly happy for yas! I have ALWAYS wanted to check out the spanish islands and with a last name like mine Northern Italy also calls! Wow yeah if we don't speak before you go...play safe, have phun!

My trip away this summer just might be to a meditation retreat.

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