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Thursday May 19

The Pepper Jack Cafe

38 King William St., Hamilton





Featuring Ray Paczkowski of the Trey Anastasio Band and Dave Matthews and Friends.

Vorcza Biography:

Originating as an informal jazz trio, Vorcza has advanced to writing "adventurous yet accessible original material that marries jazz and funk with world-influenced rhythms." (Tom Huntington, Times Argus) Their skillfully written compositions and their strong presence have earned them much deserved recognition as a powerhouse trio whose combined efforts include working and touring with musical greats including Trey Anastasio, Dave Matthews, Jamie Masefield, Josh Roseman, Ernie Watts, Dave Schools and Lester Bowie.


The Burlington, Vermont based group is made up of Ray Paczkowski on organ and vocals, Gabriel Jarrett on drums and Robinson Morse on upright and electric bass. The interplay between the three is remarkable as each member brings his own fascinating personal history to the group.

Gabriel Jarrett (drums)


Gabe's career began while a student at the New School Jazz Program in NYC. While there he performed with Nina Nastasia, Thomas Chapin, Sam Furnace, and a wide range of others. In his mid-20's, he spent 4 years on the road as a member of the Jazz Mandolin Project. In his travels both nationally and internationally, Gabe has gained a reputation as an exciting and passionate musican. More recently, Gabe has performed with; Gordon Stone, James Harvey, The Jazz Passengers, Mike Gordon, Adam Kolker, Will Bernard, Motherbug, and Karl Berger. In 2004, he performed with Ernie Wattts and Ike Willis, and landed a European tour with Josh Roseman and Peter Apfelbaum. When in Vermont, Gabriel teaches privately and at St. Micheals College.

Ray Paczkowski (Hammond, Rhodes, Clavinet, Vocals)


Ray moved to Middlebury, Vermont to attend Middlebury College. For years after graduating, Ray played with sax player Michael Chorney in numerous ensembles including Viperhouse. It was while on tour with Viperhouse that Ray met Trey Anastasio. Impressed with his talent, Trey asked Ray to join his touring big band in the summer of 2001. Ray's connection to Trey offered him national tours including festivals and television appearances with both the Trey Anastasio Band and eventually with Dave Matthews and Friends. He has also shared his talent with John Medeski, Dave Schools, Lester Bowie, Cyro Baptista, Peter Apfelbaum and Marshall Allen.

Robinson Morse (Acoustic and Electric Bass, Trombone)


Brought up in a musical family, Rob Morse has been playing music since he began studying piano and slide trombone in the third grade. Self taught as a bass player, he gained experience as part of Vermont's creative music scene. As a founding member of the acclaimed jazz funk ensemble, Viperhouse, Rob toured nationally, in Canada, and wrote music for the group. He has shared the stage with artists including Peter Apfelbaum, Fontella Bass, Lester Bowie, Trey Anastasio, Jessica Lurie, Josh Roseman, Cyro Baptiste, John Fishman, John Sinclair, James Harvey, Dave Grippo, Paul Asbell, Michael Arnowitt, Michael Ray, and Elliot Levin to name a few. Rob has written many of Vorcza's live staples and was, along with Ray Paczkowski, commissioned by the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts to write a suite of music that was premiered in the winter of 2004.

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I think the candles look great Ken. (Mind you, I am laughing my ass off about your burnt finger hairs - stinky!)

I wish I could make it down on Thursday night but unfortunately CTMF and the surrounding preperations take precidence. I'm sure it will be an awesome show!

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very true very true

might be able to pop in for a pop, try and smoke out the band again, maybe..... work comes along prtty early in the morning, but then again i dont have to pack up and go to ctmf right after work or anything so i could rest lots,, look at me rationalizing this shit to myself, i should be working here

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