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GRUVLIX - Ottawa Bluesfest Edition


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Hey hey...

11am, EST -- GRUVLIX! 93.1 FM in Ottawa, www.ckcufm.com on the internet in real audio (sorry, Mr. King). This will be a different show, folks. HARDLY ANY MUSIC I'VE EVER PLAYED BEFORE.

I'll be opening with SlowCoaster, because, after all, they play tonight. But after that: All Bluesfest acts... including (time permitting):

- The String Cheese Incident (What? Doesn't Ed Hate them?!!!)

- Michael Franti and Spearhead

- Xaviar Rudd

- Keller Williams

- Umphrey's McGee

- Bebel Gilberto

- K-os

- Broken Social Scene

- Neko Case

- The Sadies

- Calexico

This, as stated is only if I have time. What will get cut if I don't? Likely Umphrey's and Neko, but who knows? I'll tell you who: anyone who listens... it's sure to be a good one.

I'll bump this when I wake up tomorrow, so everyone gets a look.

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It was a good show, today, Tonberry, and I especially liked having the extra half hour; I found the one-hour shows a little "cramped" to my ears.

Big props for hyping the Slowcoaster show tonight, but when you played the GTB track (either time :) ), you could have hyped that show, too; being on a Sunday, it's likely going to need more help, I fear.

Which nero disc was that track from? I only know of one nero release before "is it morning?", and it was a Christmas disc Velvet had in his car on a road trip, and I don't remember that track ("Trippy"?) being on it.



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