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Yorkville Music Scene of the 60s - heritage walk

Large Marge

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I know it's awfully early, especially after the Friday the 13th mayhem that's about to grasp Toronto by the cohunes, but this "Heritage Walk" sounds like it might be fairly intriguing...

The Yorkville Music Scene of the 1960s

Saturday, May 14 – 10:00 AM

Discover the birthplace of Canadian song. Visit the sites of famous clubs and coffeehouses like the Riverboat and the Penny Farthing and learn how stars such as Joni Mitchell and Neil Young got their start.

LEADER: Nicholas Jennings

START POINT: NW corner of Avenue Rd. and Pears Ave.

FINISH POINT: Yorkville Ave. and Bellair St.

LENGTH: Approx. 1 ½ hours

FOCUS: Historical

DIFFICULTY: Average walk on sidewalks

Hope to see you there - let me know if you’re coming… we can meet a bit early for a pre walk session ;)

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I don't know if it's on the tour, but Rochdale alone was an insane piece of Canadian history that everyone should know about.

Hey StoneMtn, have you heard anything about the Rochdale Massacre? I've been trying to find info on it, but haven't come up with much. I met a guy at the Vibes in '03 (some "Silent Thunder" fellow, perhaps Kimmer will remember this). He started telling me about how someone went nuts and killed like 17 people. Our pupils were a little dialated and he really freaked us out. He was like, "You have to find out about this! It was a nightmare!" Apparently he used to live there back in its hay day. I really hope that's on the tour!

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Saaaweeet! Maybe I can get FlyMyKiteHigh to roll us a tulip for the occasion :)

Hehehe...yeah, I'm sure you'll really have to twist her arm. ;) Thanks for the head's up on this...should be fun! AND, it'll force me to behave myself on Friday night. Yeah, right!

PoG, I hope you can make it. If so, we should all meet up at a rendezvous point before. :)

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I think I might come on this walk. In fact, perhaps you could even meet up at my house for that session - it's about a 15-20 minute walk from my house to Yorkville. And you have to walk by Rochdale College (which isn't really in Yorkville...) on the way. I guess it depends how much sleep i get though...

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