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REJOICE!!! ween.com updated!!!! with actual updates!!!!!!!!


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grin grin grin


from the keyboard of deaner:

It's alive......

Hey there, thanks for being patient between updates. I wanted to wait until there was something to report. Soon we will begin taking pre-orders for the next Chocodog cd, which is titled "Shinola" by Ween. It is volume one in a series of discs we'll be releasing in the coming years. It is the long awaited (by some of you anyway) collection of scraps, throwaways, and outtakes from our studio. If you thought our albums were brown, wait til you hear the songs we deemed too brown for a Ween record, all in one place. The record is finished and ready for mastering, right now we are finalizing the artwork and soon it will be on sale. Right on. So I got that goin' for me, which is nice.

As far as touring goes, we are rehearsing again starting this week. Not sure what this means in terms of playing gigs anytime soon, but I wouldn't be surprised if we started playing out by the end of this summer. We are getting back on the chocolate pony though and that's a relief.

Other than that, the Moistboyz album is finished and is coming out in August on Sanctuary Records along with the first albums packaged as one disc. It is a really good record and I can't wait for it to drop. We are booking dates for this summer and will probably be touring America on or around the release date. It is called MOISTBOYZ IV. Please check out www.moistboyz.com for more info and tourdates.

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no way mang!!!!!! no vermont, no ottawa, someplace close to ME and in canada!!!!!!!


actually, i'd be okay with something over the border (as long as it's close!), there were way too many assholes at the last toronto show. WAY more assholes there than at any of the ween shows i've seen in the states... and that's pretty sad.

although someplace other than toronto s/w ontario would be okay... KITCHENER AUDITORIUM!!!!!!!!



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