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Montreal Jazzfest talk...


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For those who haven't heard, the full list of indoor (read: pay) performances have now been announced. A few big highlights, but a fairly standard crop, in my mind. Anyhow, I grabbed my MMW/Ribot/Young phillidelphians ticket today, and have a few others on the backburner, waiting for work travel to be confirmed.

Some of my personal faves:

-Stanley Clarke/Bela Fleck/Jean-Luc Ponty!!! WOW. WHat a freakin' insane show that will be. Tix 44-64 bucks. #1 on my to-get list now.

-4 different Zakir Hussein shows. Cool. including one with McLaughlin (not shakti though).

-5 different Pat Metheny shows. Great for guitar-heads.

-Mark Knopfler

-Bill frisell

-Daniel Lanois.

Not the lineup I've been dreaming of, but keep in mind that there is still the "Off-Jazz" and "Suoni Per el Popolo" alternative fests that will be going on at the same time.

Good summer fun!

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Marge, depends on your taste.

On the 8th you've got Harry Manx with Xavier Rudd, Pat Metheny and Gary Burton, Daniel Lanois, or David Sanchez. All different vibes, but all probably good.

on the 9th there's less high-profile stuff, but there'll be a big closing show for free in front of Place des Arts (St. Catherine & Parc).

There's also 4-5 stages offering free stuff all day long (to be announced in June).

For freaky stuff, watch out on: www.casadelpopolo.com for thier lineup, and www.lofffestivaldejazz.com .

Post here for any further info. I'd be glad to help out.

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