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Caution Jam action figure - original series


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Don't forget Caution Jam will make their triumphant return to the Chatham area, Saturday July 26th at the Slip In Lounge in Erieau ON.

It a very chill bar right on a marina...anybody here have a boat??? and a huge public beach is right across the street!

Heineken is on tap and they sell pints for only $3.95!!!! Tequila shots are a mere $3.50!!! [Eek!]

The joint will be rockin Chatham style so come one come all!

I had to nag the bar manager to book these guys and more of "our" bands and I told him the place would be hopping! If these guys do well he'll book more bands like them including maybe fat cats, nero, diesel dog etc...

It'll be a blast!!!![big Grin]

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