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Looking for some people...

Tungsten Gruvsten

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Hey guys, i'm starting a new venture with a couple others building and restoring microphone preamps and will have some work to farm out to others...figured I should look here first. If you don't maybe you know someone who does?

I'll need:


-drilling, cutting, bending, punching with thin-stock aluminum or steel. I would provide all measurements or a already made piece for you to work from.

Silkscreening(on Metal)

-accurate labeling and graphics on aluminum or steel. Ability to lay it out yourself on a computer is a definite plus. Pieces typically 3.5"x19"

If you are into this or just interested in the end product(s) email me tungstengruvsten@jambands.ca

I'm open to bartering(studio time, discounts on these pre's, any work i can do for you??, various 'procurements') or just plain old cash.

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