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Diesel Dog is Coming to Ottawa !!!

mark tonin

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Diesel Dog is definitely one of my favourite bands these days. They lay down some fantastic "old-school" songs and jams and grooves that are guaranteed to get people dancing and smiling and feeling good all over.

And they play a nice mix of original songs and tasteful covers. I know they've been in the studio and are getting ready to release a cd of original tunes in the near future. As well, they are also going to distribute (for free) a high quality live cd which contains songs recorded by Tungsten at the April 4 Lancaster show. I can't wait to hear that stuff [big Grin]

Hopefully lots of Ottawa people will be able to make it out for this show.

Peace, Mark

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You heard it!

Those amazing jammers - Diesel Dog - are coming to play Ottawa at the Cafe Dekcuf, Saturday - May 31st.

They'll be starting at around 11 pm.

Unfortunately, ms. hux and I won't be around as we're off to the Adirondack Mountain Music Fest that weekend, but believe me....we are missing a fun evening!

If any of you has seen them, you know that they arent' to be missed. And if you haven't...it's high-time you check them out!

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