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1000 thank you's


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I'd just like to say a thank you to everyone who put us up over the last weekend.It was greatly appreciated.

Andy and Tara on thursday after Nero,what a great after party.Dave,Chris and Jay thanks for the ride after I dropped the car off at home.Not only do you guys never cease to amaze me when on stage,but your great dudes to party with,thanks.

Adam,Keri,Lara(hope thats it),Cargo,Blair,

Christie,thanks for having us at the hotel room,after the U of W show,great to meet and party with you all.

Scott and Deb,always a pleasure partying with you guys,thanks for having us at your home after the U of W show also.

Pete and Tasha,you guys rock!Many thanks for the floor space and the great breakfast after Nero on saturday,I had a great time.Another killer Nero after party.I'm glad to have met you guys.

Thanks also to all the bands for an amazing weekend of music and positive vibes.

See you at the next show.


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yep, no problem, Greg. It was a super rad weekend...

I would also like to thank the party hosters Andy and Tara for Thursday, Scot and Deb for Friday, and Pete and Tasha for Saturday. Fun is great and y'all make it happen into the wee hours!

Also thanks to all the musicians for making these weekends that leave me in greater debt worth every penny!

Also thanks to all the friends I have. I'm so lucky. [smile]

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