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Me and my old roomate partook in an afternoon of the 'fun' one summers day. We both decided to remain unemployed that summer, and eat whatever came our way. We would unplug the phone, and zone.

Well, one afternoon, someone is throwing their keys at our window, which of course startles our 2nd floor apartment. I look outside, and another friend is down there, ball glove in tow, and saying "Hey Booche, lets hurry up man. We got a game tonight."

"Woozle wazzle?" I respond.

I meander through the apartment, and have a devil of a time thinking of what I need, and then finding it. My roommate was laughing his ass off, and saying "Dude, you should just skip it."

"How would I explain that man?"

Personally, I think he just didnt want to be left alone in that state. HA!

I was playing centerfield that year, and had one of the best games of my life. It wasnt hardball or nothing, just lob ball, but I could seemingly see EVERYTHING before it happened. I had a jump off the ball like I have never experienced, knowing where the ball was going to be before it had even left the bat.

It was rather surreal................I should have gone pro [Razz]

Anyone else listen to Bruce Springsteen in here [Wink]

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