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C'est la vie.


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Sens fans should be proud, BUT, of all people to make a gaffe like that,

who woulda thunk it would have been Redden?

Poor guy...........................

Great run kids, nothing to be ashamed of. Look forward to a few more years of fun. It was fun for me this year!

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Guest Low Roller

Fools. I knew I couldn't count on them.

I thought it would be fun to support a local team for a change, and I placed my hard earned money on this apparent #1 hockey team Ottawa Senators.

pfff. How easily I was fooled. I should've known better.


[big Grin]

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I think that if you look at the replay from say the red line in, then IMHO it was only half Redden's fault. If you watch the way the 2 on 2 happened the othe r D man kind of switched and it looked like they were not communicating right so Redden was a step behind getting to his man. But he was going there...

The replays from the blue line in make it look like all his fault.

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