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upgrading your taping rig?

Tungsten Gruvsten

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....I didn't get to have these nearly long enough. Very cool sounding. Wear it like a stethoscope.

DPA 7060f


DPA microdot battery box:


Also, anybody using/know any more about the solid state recorders that are out now? The newer stuff, not hard drive based like the nomad....Maybe Edirol makes one, can't remember.

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I also looked at the Marantz Pro CDR300, which looks neat, as its recording media is CD-R/CD-RW (which are available anywhere, unlike MDs). I e-mailed them for some info on it, and was told the unit has a snag: if it gets bumped during recording, you can lose the entire disc. Given the environments I record in, that's a chance I can't take.



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Better yet, give it one or two months and MAudio will be putting out an ultra-portable CF recorder that does up to 24/192 for 399.00 USD. of course this will then require at least a 2gb CF card, but if you use digital cameras (like I do) then the chip is dual purpose and should conceivably never wear out. Saw a picture of one at taperssection.com and it's probably smaller than a D8. Sweet!

ps. Eric, you may want to post this ad there in the Ebay section as well. Lots of tapers using that site regularly.

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