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BuZZzzzzz - June 25th Downtown T.O.


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This is a multi-room event, actually involving two separate buildings that neighbour each other. The set up is really cool -

There'll be a buskers area outside during the afternoon, while DJs spin inside one building. The larger building will open in the late afternoon when the bands will begin. By the way, there are a few more potential bands to add to the bill, but I'm not going to jinx that by saying who. The smaller room will maintain a DJ lineup all day and night, while the larger room will feature bands in the evening and DJs following!

There's also talk of a pretty big day-after party at a beach nearby...

I recommend checking this out, at least some of it 'cause it's going all day!

Hope you can make it out!

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Added to the bill very recently are two artists you will hear more from very soon...they're wicked good:

Jacqueline Rendell - www.jacquelinerendell.com

and Jude Haines who's website I believe is under construction...but I can tell you this, I heard the demos from the new record and it's a star-studded lineup, amazing songs.

I hope you all have a chance to check out this one of a kind event in downtown toronto :)

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