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Burt Neilson at the Casbah


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Holy Crap!!! I have never seen the boys play so well from the beginning note all the way to the encore. It was certainly a high energy show, even if the usual Burt crowd was absent. It was a great night all around, as the sound was amazing (I love that room) the staff were friendly, and there was plenty of room to get down. I am not sure if anyone taped the show, but if there is a copy around everyone should pick it up, as there was very little crowd noise all night, and tonnes of wanking guitar Thanks for a great night Burt!!

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yeah, i agree, the boys played great on saturday nite. i thought the room lacked some atmosphere (through no fault of the band), but for me, that just made it all that much more enjoyable to sit back and listen to what they were doing up there. there were 4 or 5 seriously thick jams that really locked me in, trying to pick apart where everything was coming from. i thought stop 28 got especially deep.. if i had a setlist i could probably cite some more, but im bad with that stuff.. it was just awesome.. i thought they played extremely well.

great nite of music in hamilton.

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