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Because the MP for London-Fanshawe, Pat O'Brien, just announced his resignation from the Liberal party due to his opposition to their approach to same sex marriage legislation.


Is this a man who has listened hard to his constituents and is truly representing their outlooks, irregardless of his personal opinion?

The question are largely facetious, I don't expect anyone could have the real answer. I just know if I was living in London I would be [color:red]pissed!!

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because BradM is pissing me off
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Ontario member of Parliament Pat O'Brien announced Monday he will leave the Liberal party and sit as an Independent because he doesn't like how the party is handling hearings on the same sex marriage legislation.

He complained that the hearings have been given an artificial and unnecessary June 14 deadline. He said witnesses are only given 24 hours' notice to appear, are often berated and insulted by members of Parliament on both sides of the issue and that too many witnesses are being grouped together in one session.



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Well I have to pipe in here...after living in London for 3 years (and visiting my girlfriend there every weekend for another year after that), I would say he represents his riding well. I'm not arguing that there is a large gay population (there is), but over all I found London to be so right wing I wanted to get out of that town as soon as I graduated college. To be clear...I fucking HATED London. In 1997 the mayor (Dianne Haskett...a born again christian) refused to allow a gay pride parade...she was fined by the Ontario Human Rights Commision, and in protest of that fine she withdrew from politics for three weeks. This was during the election campaign for a new mayor, so she did not do any campaigning and STILL GOT VOTED IN! London has its good points (nice parks, great summer festivals, some cool bars like Call the Office, The Embassy, the Wick etc.), but over-all I found it very intolerant of people who were different.

my 2 cents


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