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Hurst (ex-Econoline Crush frontman) - June 9 in Kingston


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Rock Crew Productions and Elixir Nightclub (14 Garrett Street) are very proud to present Hurst with special guests Idle Sons and Cherry Bomb on Thursday, June 9. Doors open at 9 PM, this is a 19+ event. Cover is $8 at the door or through Rock Crew On-line Ticketing (http://www.rockcrew.ca/onlineticketing.shtml)

Trevor Hurst has gone organic.

If you were familiar with industrial rock pop of Econoline Crush and its highly acclaimed albums Affliction, The Devil You Know or Brand New History, you would have been bombarded with technical gadgetry up the yin-yang before your ears even had the chance to register what they were hearing.

That's why Wanderlust, Hurst's first post-Econoline seven-song EP, carries a disclaimer: No sequencers or samplers were injured during the making of this record.

Why? Because there are none.

"I really wanted to get away from the sequencers," declares Hurst, the Winnipeg-based brains behind this four-man operation. "I really wanted it to be right back to basics. I wanted it to be fluid, to get back to my rock roots and a classic, yet fresh sound. I wanted to go natural.”

Wanderlust is the mindset of re-assessment from which the EP hails. Trevor admits that the initial catalyst that sent him down this path was the uncertainty of our times. An increase of senselessly violent acts and the realization that life is fragile prompted him to give up a comfortable Los Angeles lifestyle for his teenage home of Winnipeg and reconnect with his family and friends.

"After traveling the planet, oddly this is where I feel most comfortable - even with the God forsaken winters and bug-ridden summers," he laughs.

"I was at the point where I wondered if being a rock musician seemed trivial. That started me on this analytical spin, this path of discovery and exploration. It was a personality I wanted to explore that didn't involve hooking up to a machine."

So it was goodbye industrial rock and darker themes, hello warmer sounds and a sense of optimism.

Co-produced by Hurst and former Collective Soul guitarist Ross Childress, Wanderlust is the first step of that reassessment, seven sparkling songs designed to introduce Econo fans and any other admirers of Hurst's potent melodies to the next chapter in his life.




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Guest Low Roller

There's a blast from the past... Econoline Crush were pretty badass in their prime. Affliction was a great album, and The Devil You Know was a proper mainstream industrial disc. I never got into their last disc, whether it was because I had moved on from the sound, or simply because it wasn't that good.

I didn't find any samples of the new band on the website (the 'listen' link didn't lead to anything...), but I'm curious to hear what the new sound is.

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