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Too many choices. The fatties are almost becomeing Dead like in that they have have been around so long they are beggining to have distinctive eras.

The Phil's is probably the best of the Deanna 93 shows.

Many good shows in 97/98. The Mrs Robinsons from 97 was a radio broadcast and has great sound. An awesome absolute route to start. The Albion from 97 also has great sound.

2/14/98 is one of my favorite shows. The sound isn't quite as good as others but the energy makes up for it.

I'm just streaming the newly posted 99 show which was the start of the post Tyler era. Sounds great. A different feel with no B-3 (Rhodes I think)

Both 04 shows sound great and are worth getting. Heck they all are!!!!!!

oh ya get the acoustic shows too. The Lalunas from sept 97 is fantastic. The acousticats from Brantford in 97 is also a sweet listen as well.

Long live the Fatties!!!!!!

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For me its a tough choice,sorta why I have only replied today.My whole twenties was spent going to see Fat Cats,right from the beginning.Out of the shows on archive my favourite is probally a tie between two.Although,not for the same reasons.


This show has always stands out in memory & in quality.I was at it & can almost remember every detail of the evening.It was the first show I saw since my radiation treatments ended,first since my fathers funeral on labor day & only two weeks before I took off to europe for 60 days by myself,which I also had a cassette copy that got daily play while in europe.Gave me that fix I needed when I got lonely for home.Hence why it was the first show I choose to upload to archive.Smoking setlists also,with a rare full band acousticcats show,not to mention Joels first gig with the guys.


This show was just a smoker from beginning to end with a great setlist.I remember the room being filled woth people & the smell of herb (although usual for the old LaLunas).It was also the first date I had with my ex,we were together for almost 3 more years after that show.So this show because of the setlist & the emotional (very good mind you) memories ranks very high for me.Damn, those were good times back then around that scene.

I will admit though,for me to try & pick a favourite show outta the hundreds since 1992,would be completley impossible.But if I were to be forced at gun point,the above Valentines day who would probally be the one I choose as one of my all time favourites.Though,there are some 92 & 93 shows that I haven't uploaded yet that could easily take that rank also....

Cheers SugarMegs,I'm glad to know there are folks out there listening to & enjoying those shows I uploaded.Sad thihng is until I get my laptop fixed or get a new one,this box of 50 Fat Cats shows I have for transfer will sit here.I had three new recordig s to add this week & 5 old shows to add.

[edit to add]

Jesus is every reply I post goin be long winded,I was hoping it was only the herb yesterday doin it to me...LOL

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I don't collect their shows but the Fatties sure have been a central part of my world since I was in high school, and I must have seen them hundreds of times, easily. So, while I cannot recommend a particular show, I will say that I have long felt - with all due respect for all the generous musicians that have come and gone before and since - that the (98?>) 1999 (<20?) era was consistently great, with fantastic long jams and groovin, tight song performances. In particular it's the 5 piece line up with Ron Elliott on keyboards and Joel Stouffer on drums that I'm referring to. Their current line up is solid, no doubt, so you can't really go wrong there. But I remember thinking back then that they were really onto something special where they couldn't help but be inspired every time they played. There was a lot of space in the sound and Captain Ron kept things constantly interesting with shifts in texture and sounds.

My only current issue with Fat Cats gigs is that you can rest assured you're going hear 5 or 6 songs at each and every show - or at least it feels that way to me - and I wish the setlists were a little more fluid than that. But since I dearly love those 5 or 6 songs, I can't say it's a problem on my end.

Viva le Fatties!

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Fat fucker eh? Thanks a bunch Lazlo. You sleeze. No more shows for you. Maybe if you got off your ass once in a while you'd have the energy to think of something a little more interesting to post.

Just something to think about.


Never. If I got up off my ass I might actually have to become a contributing member of society and we can't have that now can we.

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