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As a point of interest, I was sitting next to "Justin" (mentioned below) on a chartered bus on my way back from seeing the Grateful Dead in Ann Arbor, Michigan 1989. The bus was chartered by 50 or so of us who vaguely knew each other. (Those are all the details I think I should divulge about that trip, or anything that went on on that bus.)

Anyway, here's the news about Justin and his Dad:

RUSH guitarist ALEX LIFESON is suing the Ritz-Carlton hotel, its security director and three sheriff's deputies stemming from a New Year's Eve 2003 altercation at the Naples, Florida establishment.

In the lawsuit, filed yesterday (02JUN05) in US District Court, Lifeson - real name ALEX ZIVOJINOVICH - his son JUSTIN and daughter-in-law MICHELLE are seeking an unspecified amount of monetary damages for injuries, pain and suffering, mental anguish and the costs of their defence in criminal cases.

Justin and his friends agitated hotel security when they got up on a platform when the house band was taking a break at a party to bring in 2004.

---Click here for the full article---

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I was on that tour. Did you head south through Ohio and Kentucky after that? It got pretty weird.

I wish, VermontDave! That was actually my very first show and I went back to Toronto right after. I only went to the show in the first place in order to convince a Deadhead friend of mine that I would never like the Dead and to finally put an end to him bugging me to see them. (He and I went on Dead tour together later that summer. :D)

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