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Death Cab for Cutie


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has this been done before?

DCfC are the business. i like everything Ben Gibbard touches. well not quite there are some songs on You Can PLays These Songs With Chords i don't dig too much.

anyone dig these cats? d_rawk i'm looking in your direction.


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Guest Low Roller

I'm planning on checking them out eventually. They are on my radar, however I'm exploring so much music now that I may have time to make my way around to them sometime this summer.

What's the style, what's the feel, what's recommended?

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If you're familiar with the Postal Service, Death Cab's music doesn't sound anything like the Postal Service's, but Ben Gibbard does the vocals for both.

Low Roller, if you haven't heard the Postal Service, add them to your exploratory list as well. It's all electronic, so it could be called dancey I guess, good melodies etc... Jenny Lewis from Rilo Kiley does the female vocals for the Postal Service.


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