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Do You Know What a Farrier Is?


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When I was a kid I lived on my aunts horse farm for two years. Ever since i've caught the horse bug. It's unfortunatly been years since i've rode but whenever I can I surround myself with the huge beautiful beasts.

When I lived on the farm I met various vets and horse people. But the person that always caught my attention the most was the man that came out to clip the horses hooves and shoe them. I told my mom when I was a wee lass that someday I wanted to be a farrier.

Farrier: One who shoes horses.

My mother met her good friends fiance today for the first time and asked about his line of work. He told her he was a black smith. My moms has heard me talk about horses for years so when he mentioned he worked with horses as well she asked "isn't that a farrier?"

Well long story short she told him all about me. He then proceded to tell my moms that he is looking for apprentices and would love to meet me. She told him I lived about three hours away and he said he would even be willing to take me on for only weekends.

My mom then called me and I am now in total shock.

Since I have always been a bit of a drifter and dropped out of school early it's been living dead end job to dead end job for me. If this all works out I will be one very happy lady. I would be working with horses every day, doing something challenging as well as bringing in some serious moula. I should be going to meet him and discuss plans this weekend.

I need some serious good vibes my friends.

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Thank you everyone for the good vibes. I think they payed off. I just got off the phone with my mom. I'm arriving in Huntsville on Thursday, meeting John Friday and hopefully going out with him on Sunday..

I also got a job today after being unemplyed for less then a week. Well two today but I had to turn one down.

This month is starting out great....

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