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all stoked to hit up track and field


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so i decided to write an email about my times this past week and i realized that i never throw down show reviews on the skank. sorry bout that - since i love live music and want to promote art...it kinda made me feel like a hypocrite. so here goes. not a serious review...more of an account.

from an email i just wrote.

all in all it was a great 2 days to get out in the nice weather and see a bunch of good and a few not so awesome bands.

the great lakes swimmers played an all acoustic set when we got there - fabulous music...heartfelt low key songwriting that pulls at the heart strings. it was the one band that when they came on i KNEW it was them, even having never really listened to the great lakes swimmers.

lenin i shumov were purely mad. i could've swore those guys were into mad treats but i asked the lead singer eugene if he ever ate LSD and he looked kinda scared that i asked. unbridled screaming and whoop ups...i'm sure you'd understand why i asked if you saw.

ohbijou played some sweet, beautiful music, and i must say - they really captivated me for awhile. They played songs that demanded attention and i don't know how anybody could ignore those sisters. later that night i was treated to giggling outside my tent and a coupld of girls were sitting at the site...and i said 'hello' well they took me on a tear through the park and eventually we met up with jen from ohbijou and we strolled about. i was holding onto their wine and they ran away...so i stopped and talked to a couple of people - 10 minutes later the girls come back all mad that i still had their wine...it was funny. i wasn't about to drink it yet...silly girls...

kids on TV really impressed me that night. loads of energy, really danceable, crazy presence.


...I KNOW SO! - i dont' know why they reminded me of the talking heads meets rollins band. easily a fave of the weekend.

saturday night saw a site specific performance near my campsite...the group 'awesome' set up a teepee style rig of suspended alarm bells with big drums and guitars to play while dressed in short white robes and taplights (those circular lights you can install in your closet with a battery inside) in front of their faces.

there were about 280 people there and most people knew each other. i really dug it but totally felt apart from it and that made for a relaxing weekend.

on sunday the acorn played an awesome set of great roots-inspired indie. they were tight and polished. i'm glad to have seen that ottawa band. too bad it took me on a pre-moving trip to see them.

Guelph's alight were the only band i'd seen before. definitely moody music and they were totally nice folk when i met them opening for microbunny in London. I remember taking them over for a drink at Elements a year and a quarter ago. a cool show - violin, brass, guitar, keys...drums now and again...the silent film soundtrack blew me away as i lay under a nice shady tree. i had come to the realization that i was pretty lucky to be enjoying my time...then ninja highschool played...keep in mind this fest ended at like 6 on sunday. and this little ramble is all afternoon-based.

5 people on mics. backing tracks on iPod. at one point they were all like 'screw the mics' and they were a capella with a track in back. they were pretty cool. they all had their own parts worked out...loud yell/rapping, don't know how to describe this other than raw indie hip hop.

So then I got back with my wares later that night. nobody wanted to buy any sugarcubes or necklaces or glassware that i'd brought. a bit of a bummer as i could've spent my time differently the whole time there but that's really more of an aside than anything. I still had a great time with

If you're up for going to a low key backyard festival where it's a $15 donation to get in to a really nice party area then I'd suggest hitting it up next year. they want to make it smaller.

it wasn't a mad party, and not too many people were dancing. i liked it a lot. a great way to spend a weekend.


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Barbara: Welcome to "Afternoon Yak." Today, we will meet a man who couldn't open his mouth, so he learned to open his heart. Please welcome, Homer and Marge Simpson.

[audience applause]

Joy: So Marge, tell, what's it like kissing a man with a mouth full of metal?

Lisa Ling: My boyfriend has a metal tongue stud.

Starr: Who cares what's on his tongue, long as he's a stud where it counts? I'm talking down-town!

[audience cheers]

Barbara: Marge, what was Homer like before he broke his jaw?

Marge: Well, he was eating all the time. We'd be making love and he'd have a mouthful of Hershey's miniatures.

Homer: Krackel was my favorite.

Lisa Ling: I hope that was the only miniature in the bedroom.

Starr: I'm talking down-town!

[audience laughter]

Marge: And before he broke his jaw, he never listened, but now he takes to heart everything I say.

[audience cheers]

Homer: Well, as much as humanly possible.

[audience boos]

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