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Grateful Dead Vault Downloads!!!!


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From www.dead.net :

You wanted the Vault digitized - you got it. On June 7th, Grateful Dead Productions will take the next step further into the digital domain by making TWO two shows from the Vault available for download at either GDStore.com or iTunes. They will only be available digitally - no CDs. New shows will be available in those locations on the first Tuesday of each month, along with previously-released-on-CD items.

Each show made available is selected by archivist David Lemieux, who combs through the thousands of shows still locked away in the Vault, selecting Dick's Picks, Vault releases, and now, digital downloads. Shows are selected for the Download series because they represent peak moments in Grateful Dead history that are not represented in the band's live music catalog. The first show to be released, 4/30/77 at The Palladium in New York City is a gem of a show, with stellar versions of "Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo," "Scarlet Begonias"/"Fire On The Mountain," a second set jam featuring a "St. Stephen" sandwiched around a powerful "Not Fade Away" and a tender "Stella Blue," all capped by a massive "Terrapin Station" encore. Additionally, three songs from the previous night's performance have been added to round out the proceedings. Click here to purchase.

The second show to be released, 1/18/70 at Springer's Inn in Portland, Oregon is equally great, and features the short-lived seven-piece version of the Grateful Dead, including TC and Pigpen. Highlights include a classic, 14-plus minute 1970 version of "Dancing In The Streets," a rare "Mason's Children," a nascent-but-fully-developed "Black Peter" and Pigpen's TWO classic showstoppers, "Good Lovin'" and a giant "Turn On Your Lovelight." Recorded less than a month before the legendary Fillmore East 2/13 & 14/70 concerts, Volume 2 of our download series presents the same manic energy and creative group interplay that would mark the band's sound through 1970. Click here to purchase.

Stay tuned for the July 5th release of Volume 3, another previously unreleased concert from deep within the Vault, featuring one of Keith Godchaux's first performances with the Grateful Dead.

Apple will be offering the shows in their AAC format. At GDStore.com, you can choose among three different file formats (MP3/128k, MP3/256k, and FLAC), including a lossless, CD-quality format, and download cover art for each release.

Now, that's pretty cool shit.

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Holy Crap! [color:purple]Thanks alot Hamilton. I'm sure I could have gone without spending $20 US right now.

What would the difference be between this recording (04-30-77)and the one on the archive? Would it be huge?

Also, is the archive going to start dumping these releases?

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