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Del likes a band?

For the record, the only bands/artists that I have stated that suck are Bruce Springsteen, Wassabi (2004's version only), Caution Press and possibly Disco Biscuits and maybe one or two other bands I can't remember...... I said GTB's new songs suck, and other than that I really haven't hated on a lot of bands or artisits... I think I've gotten a bad rap, although more than one person has mentioned to me that they appreciate that I'm not a sheep in terms of liking everything I hear or everyone I see... Give it a rest, it's getting old. "Del doesn't like anything", "Del will say it sucks", etc. It's been done. This isn't directed at you specifically POG, but your comment was one of many I've heard recently that I'm getting sick of. I have an opinion and I'm going to share it. That's not going to change. Deal with it and move on...

And now back to the Keepers Of The Gem...

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