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I live in the west end of Toronto, and pretty much right down the street is this Heady Canabis Culture Store The Hidden Jungle. Turns out they are pretty much running the show for the head shop seen... Their last party featured my new favorites "The Chameleon Project"

check this out...


Seed companies confirmed for the 2005



1. Iron Seed Sales

2. Sacred Seeds

3. From the Beaches; G13 Shop

4. Al Mighty Seeds

5. Legend Seeds

6. Willy Jack

7. Quebec Seed Bank

You will receive a sample of bud from each of these fabulous companies for you to judge!

To submit your bud contact the Hidden Jungle at 416-259-3429

Help Spread the word to every seed company and grower you know; or do you think your bud can't win?!!!

Confirmed Special Guests

Master of Ceremonies;

Dan Skye

Editor at Large, High Times Magazine, NYC

Jackie the Jokeman

Formally from the Howard Stern Show

Marc Emery

From Cannabis Culture, BC

More Special Guests to be Announced!

Representatives Confirmed


Wily Jack

Kind Seeds

AAA Seeds

Almighty Seeds

Ganja Land

Amsterdam Seed Company

Great Canadian Seed Company



MAGAZINES that will be at this Event

High Times

Skunk Magazine

Green Thumb Magazine

Revue Pousse Vert

Don't miss your chance to win a Hydroponics Grow Kit courtesy of


2133 Royal Windsor Drive


Valued at over $800

This grow kit will is perfect for the novice or expert grower!

100% of the profits from your ticket sale is going to help supply marijuana to people who have Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis and A.I.D.S.

This event is not going to line anyone's pocket except the Medical Marijuana clubs helping people who can't help themselves!

Giveaways at the 2005 Hidden Jungle Hideaway:

Hydroponics Grow Kit courtesy of


2133 Royal Windsor Drive, Mississauga


The Grow Kit includes 1000 HPS, bulb, shade, 9 drip bucket system, 9 mesh baskets, 9 12 litre drip buckets, 9 emitters and steaks, all fittings and hoses, 1 PEA water pump, 15 gallon reservoir, digital timer, analogue timer, elite 801 air pump, 6" air stone and tubings, one hole punch, on pH test kit, 1 pH down 250 ml, 1 litre of juice grow, 1 litre of juice bloom

Approximate Retail Value $800!

Grinders from the #1 Grinder

company in the World

Pipes from Chills Canada

Papers from HBI Canada

Pipes from Red Eye Glass

Seeds from Willy Jack

Seeds from Al Mighty

Grow Competition Prizes

Grand Prize:

Two (2) all expense paid trips to Jamaica + $1,000 cash!

2nd Prize:

Two (2) all expense paid trip to Jamaica

3rd Prize:

One (1) all expense paid trip to Jamaica

Hidden Jungle Hideaway Ticket Prices:

Judge Pass - $240 CND (only 400 available)

(Selling FAST --> Only 159 tickets left as of May 27, 2005)

Don't miss you chance to be a Judge

passes include at least 8 smoking samples and 7 drink tickets

Event Includes:

Legal licensed drinking area

1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes for the best pot

Appearances from Dan Skye of High Times, Jackie the Jokeman, Marc Emery, Jorge Cervantes and I-Ron from IronSeedSales.com plus many more special guests

Buffet style food

If you need any more info about the HIDDEN JUNGLE HIDEAWAY EVENT call Ron at THE HIDDEN JUNGLE between the hours of 9:00AM & 11:00PM


Call 416.259.3429 for location details

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I doubt it would get busted i went to a simular event in kelowna bc last year....it was great i stronly reccomend the judge tickets you get well over your moneys worth for sure..if its anything like the last cup i was at!! Sounds like a Great time..if onyl i was a Bit closer ...damn

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it aint a cup without THE "SOUR DIESEL". i wish somebody couldve represented the sour. but i guess well have to wait until fall? costs too much to enter. basically, from what i understood, growers were to bring in 500g. in return they get 10 judges passes, valued at 240$. cool, but does anyone have 10 friends that would pay 240$ to be a judge? if you do, pm me? soon!

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