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Happy "Oceans Day" June 8


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Celebrate Oceans Day on June 8th

OTTAWA, June 2

The Canadian Wildlife Federation (CWF) and its Oceans Day partners are urging Canadians to celebrate Oceans Day on June 8th. "Dare to Care . . . Special Marine Places . . . Get to Know One" is the theme of this year's celebrations. Festivals, displays, workshops, exhibits, beach sweeps, and shoreline improvement projects are taking place all across the country, encouraging thousands to learn about their special connection to Canada's marine places.

Many of us think we are so far from the nearest ocean that we simply don't need to worry about it. Think again. Every single community in Canada is linked to the sea by the never-ending flow of water through streams, rivers, wetlands, ponds, and lakes. Whether clean or contaminated, most of the water we use in our homes and gardens makes its way to the sea. Marine species rely on oceans to provide a place to live and the health of their habitat depends on how we treat the water all around us. Though we might not know it, our

daily activities can jeopardize the health of Canada's special marine places, their creatures, and the millions of people with connections to them.

Whether you initiate a beach cleanup, rejuvenate a local waterway...

---Click here for full article on Oceans Day---

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