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Must-see video, masochistic edition


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Whoa! Hilarious!

This makes me think of all of the embarrassing photos that have been taken of me over the years. I am well aware that they will one day come back to bite me in the ass...whether it's by being discovered by my future children, or ruining any potential political career.

THIS is a whole other animal. Seriously, what the fuck are people thinking? I know, I know, money comes to mind. I'm not buying it. I think you would have to be certifiably insane or on the best drugs ever to have someone record this and not want to end up on the business end of a shotgun.

[color:purple]I'm so proud she's Canadian. *eye rolling smiley*

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Actually, I caught it on The Hour on CBC Newsworld last night. The host introduced it with a disclaimer that went like, "We've given disclaimers before, but this time we mean it..." after which they ran a grainy black & white version of it. A big of Googling and bingo! I can inflict major amounts of suck on the people that mean so much to me. ;)

That's my story, and I'm a-stickin' to it.



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Guest Low Roller
Have you ever seen Shannon Hoon performing at Woodstock?

Classic performace!

That Celine video is eerie. She looks more like Micheal Jackson Bad-era than Micheal Jackson present-era does.

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