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2005 Canada Day Bash


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Where: That Place

When: Canada Day (1pm-10pm)

Price $15 (in advance) tickets limited to 300 people


Inglewood Jack

Comfort Station

Bluegrassy High

Kev Carey Magical Mystery Band


Grant Buffet Experience

Surprise solo sets


MC'd with the musical styling of Velvet/Mung

Plus more TBA


Catered by Dirienzo's and/or BBQ

Entertainment (non-muscical)

"'Canada Day Boxing Match 2005'...yess sir you read correctly! Live

Boxing excitement has once again returned to the backyard ring...for those of you who witnessed the sheer excitement of what went down 2 years ago at Canada Day 2003 between Kevin "Jawbreaker"

Carey and Julian "The Human Paint Mixer" Goosney, you'll know exactly

what I mean... This years contestants have already been chosen from a

large list of eligible bachelors looking to reclaim their manhood.. and

these two lean mean machines are ready to duke it out, head to head, for

3+ rounds of unskilled boxing entertainment..stay tuned for the upcoming

official announcement and details of the start time for the match..."


10 ft beer bong

Dunk Tank (maybe)


Bean Bag Toss

Slip and Slide

Santa Clause's Magical Chill Zone

anything else you want to bring

Other info

multiple portapotties available

re-entry allowed

no bottles

water on-site


20 Kegs

:: Tickets on sale now, and they're going fast. At the door the price will be $20 but we never usually have any left at that point. So contact us at the house (236-8673)or email me at ts.turner@gmail.com

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I know I'm not allowed in without my helmet, elbow and knee pads.....

And I was informed a bike helmet won't do, so if someone could lend me a Hockey Helmet it would be greatly appreciated!

See you all there!

And thanks in advance BOYZ for organizing one of the best days of the year!!

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"Slip and Slide", eh?

Isnt the concert area mostly cement and rocks, Freeker?? I'm picturing this being a painful and bloody ride, with many sunburnt, drunken, mangled bodies piling up at one end...

I guess theres always the potential for someone to slip on some beer and slide into the fetal position..

Seriouslythough, this is going to be a fun party!!! :) I cant wait..

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That's right folks the long awaited reunion of Ottawa's own - NERO

I wish, those pricks are probably playing Spruce st. again. ;)

Seriously, if ANY member of nero would like to perform on Canada Day we would love it...Hell I'd settle for them all just being here getting drunk

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That's to be decided. I'll have, uh, some "other" duties that'll make it logistically inconvenient to tape. I'm not sure if Jason Keats will be taping this year (he's done it in the past; ISTR helping him tape an umbrella to his mic stand in the middle of the thunder/monsoon storm last year), and I'm going to talk to one or two other people I know who might be able to do it.



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