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Daniel Lanois this weekend?


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anyone going? I have tix for the saturday show and I honestly can't remember the last time I was this excited for a show. His album Shine is the slickest thing I have ever heard...from start to finish the album eminates brillance from every drop, groove, twang and slide...if anyone makes it out to the friday show, please post your review...



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I saw him 10 years ago at one of those Molson Park Canada Day weekends. He was absolutely mesmorizing. Kick ass band, great singing, great tunes. Unfortunately the audience was there to see the Tragically Hip and I actually saw some @sshole throw a half-full water bottle and hit one of the band members in the head. He did play on like the pro he is. I've never been so impressed and disgusted at the same time.

Unfortunately I won't be able to make it to the show this weekend.

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yeah my buddy told me a story about a seeing him open for the Hip at another roadside attraction about 12 years back and the audience booed him...well aparently Gord came out and berated the crowd something fierce, telling them they should be ashamed of themselves and how he felt ashamed to be canadian at that moment...or something to that effect anyway...Good on ya Gord!

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amazing. I cannot accurately put into words the feelings I had during that show. HE is an utterly mesmerizing performer with as much soul and grace as anyone I've ever heard. His band was perfect, not a fly on them, and Brian Blade was EXCEPTIONAL on the drums! Highlights: Gord Downey coming out to help sing The Messenger, Fire, Rocky World, Sometimes, The Maker, Telco...Easily one of my favorite concert experieinces ever...

and P.S. his new album is GREAT! an all instrumental, very textural , creates sonic soundscapes...lap steel is predominant through out...

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just came accross his speech from SXSW a couple of years ago...beautiful

soul mining

why has danny lanois been invited to speak here in austin at the convention?

they must think he knows something

the french canadian kid who put a recording studio in the basement of his mother's house, with his brother bob,

and proceeded to make hundreds of albums --- he must know something

about feel --- time --- crackles and buzzes --- magnetic field

he must know how to tune a piano --- how to tune a drum kit

he must know that the 24" zildjian is different than the paiste

he must know that you have to go next door and pay off the neighbour

to get him to stop cutting the grass so you can finish your vocal overdub

he must know that you gotta say something when it all seems wrong

he must know when someone tells you you can't do something

you prove them wrong

that you smile and you find out how to get into the back door

he must know that you help people --- give guidance

and without any expectation you give it your all

and then one day someone calls you a record producer --- invitation comes

it's like baking --- you mix invitation with preparation and like magic you get a big fat cherry pie

somebody eats the cherry pie and they ask for more

and you can honestly look at them in the eye and say

there's plenty more where that came from

Danny lanois knows that the cherry pie was there to celebrate years of soul mining

going down deep --- looking for that moment that might make a difference

eyes practically shut from coal mining dust

looking for that original fragment that will give a piece of music a chance to be recognized as unique

that feeling you get when you are walking on the street and you hear a song

and you can say --- yeah that's the one --- that one that's different from all the others

the people who made that record found something fresh and unique

some kind of way of looking at the world and letting everybody else in on it

and then Danny lanois goes down a little deeper

more dust in the eyes --- looking for another glimmer

he goes down and hears the sound of a drum beating the senses across the back with a stick

somebody is pounding the vacant industrial neighbourhood of dublin

oblivious of the easy, breezy contamination of radio

their hearts resonating with belief --- that they can make a difference with caring

little Danny lanois is there hanging on to old values --- wearing the hands of a brick layer

getting up early --- chasing away crackles and hums

wondering why the computer fan is so damn noisy --- in the control room where we will be singing on the day

wondering why the stupidity of the inline console has managed to become the standard of the industry

he challenges the elitism of the control room.

why not make the ergonomics of the recording studio such that they be public to the members of the band

are we not here to have a common language --- to facilitate ease of operation?

i want the guitar player to be the engineer if he wants

for the arrangement of the song to be open for discussion

no hidden information --- no shared functions

i don't want my steering wheel to be my brake pedal

then Danny lanois goes digging deeper in the soul mine --- and there it is --- the mother lode

sitting in the corner of the room wearing glasses

that seemingly silent voice --- that suddenly becomes the musical identity of the song

that sonic signature that will allow all of us to recognize that song from across the street

he harnesses it --- stops the press --- puts the kid wearing the glasses up on the pedestal and says ---

you are great and this is your song --- this is your moment of originality

i'm going to do everything in my power to let the world hear it

but it is only the beginning --- the idea is rough and is going to need labour, love and building

we shake off the coal dust and imagine that there are other people in the world that want to feel the way we feel right now

we have synchronicity in our favour --- we believe we see the future

and at a time when everything seems to sound the same --- a voice of a generation is born

the channeling is open wide --- the future is bright and clear

the baby face killer mixing with the burning spear

chris blackwell with little bob marley --- coming in to display their wares of soul mining

new orleans radio reached the shores of jamaica and osmosis once again shook the genes of invention

in the absence of regulation --- in the hands of disc jockeys --- our spirits were lifted

further down the mine shaft i bump into jimmy iovine --- i said jimmy you're looking good ---

he says i'll tell you why I'm looking good --- i eat dinner with my kids, we don't spend our lives in restaurants around here --- we spend our lives making records

johnny cash walked in and said what's all the fuss

can't you keep it close to the bone --- and he lashed into the tennessee stud

i promised myself to be re-incarnated as the man in black

where crickets are chirping --- the water is high

there's a soft cotton dress --- on the line hangin' dry

windows wide open --- african trees

bent over backwards --- from a hurricane breeze

not a word of goodbye --- not even a note

she's gone with the man in the long black coat

further down the shaft leonard cohen is working with dre

some kind of thing just another way to say

the word is still the final frontier

the word belongs to anybody

don't need cash to tell your story --- don't need cash to worry

don't need cash to know the feeling

of four kids being raised on a hairdressers salary --- me one of them

so i went further down the shaft without the comfort of college

without the reassurance of any business community.

just the will and the presence of my brother bob.

we brainstormed and said --- what if --- what if --- what if

until we were there looking at brian eno --- who said master your simple tools and make your music

low baggage --- high mileage --- passion before commerce --- intelligence before waste

the four track, acting as a door stop, talks back

jeff emerick doesn't know how he did it

he used 8 tracks, we need 108

emmylou harris and porter wagoner walk in and ask me --- why did soul train sound better than the david letterman show?

i tell them that the race to the extension of the high frequency part of the spectrum is choking the shadows of the bass

if you light your picture too bright you will lose your shadows

Danny lanois went deeper down the shaft to where there was silence and his ears were pure

so pure there was no music --- you couldn't hear anything

it was a luxury of deafness --- a kind of cotton wool

and in that lower level --- that cave --- he saw 10 strings and a piece of green maple

he picked it up and he prayed that something would lift him up out of the claws of debris ---

the plastic faces pretending to be speaking melted

hidden agenda lifestyle protection hypocrisy faded

people spoke the truth and told it like it is

the voice of aaron neville made a mockery of injustice

little jimi hendrix --- james brown and willie nelson

had a hit called humanitarian efforts

and so i pick up the piece of green maple with 10 strings

and i practice and put my heart and soul into every note

my passion becomes the same as the one i felt at 9 years old

i invite everyone here this morning to ignite --- re-ignite --- or just plain old turn up the flame in what you believe in and get to the top of the mountain that you see

invention is in your brain --- and that never ending commodity is in the bottom of your heart ---

it's called passion

Danny lanois is going down one more time with coal dust in his eyes

going down --- soul mining

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