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the end of health care?


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Wow folks - haven't read the decision but sounds like this could be a big one.

In the interest of causin' shit, I guess we're really going to see whether all you grits up in O-town were right about Martin being more left then I ever thought...

Raise the taxes, dump more money in, lower tuition for professional students, raise pay for nurses and doctors. Make it appealling. And do it quick.

Scary times.

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Whats worse for long-term health: Drinking alcohol or Smoking Pot:

Neither will do your body any favors, but in terms of chronic use, alcohol is the bigger threat. Aside from that old crowd-pleaser cirrhosis of the liver, chronic boozing can put you at risk of pancreatitis, heart disease, and nervous-system damage. Downing drinks daily may double your risk of hypertension and accelerate the spread of cancer, says Scott Davis, M.D., an addiction-medicine physician at the Betty Ford Center.

Smoking marijuana brings risks similar to those of smoking tobacco, such as chronic bronchitis, shortness of breath, frequent wheezing, pneumonia, and lung, head, and neck cancers--no picnic. Marijuana users face an additional risk of increased heartbeath, use of the word "brah," and hours spent listening to Diesel Dog.

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