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You know, I may have had it wrong...the discs may be regulation for ultimate, not disc golf; I apologize for any confusion, and, if you want to check the discs out, best e-mail the band (and/or go to the show, which'll be well worth it if you like afro-funk and/or dancing and not being shy in general).



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Not sure if there is a 'standard' weight for discgolf discs. But I know that sets of discs come in a variety of weight classes, with each of the discs (ie. driver, midrange & putter) all being the same weight within each class.

Its a combination of the weight distribution, disc flexibility/rigidity that makes them fly differently to determine their function/range, usually a mix of flight stability and control.

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The standard weight for an ultimate disc (discraft Ultrastar) is 175 grams.

Golf discs do vary in weight. The PDGA evaluates each disc mold and determines a max weight for the disc, usually between 175g and 180g. I've seen weights as low as 145g.

Midranges and putters you want to be heavier, usually in high 170's.

Drivers are all over the map, if the wind is behind you, you want 150's. If the wind is screaming in your face then you want 170's. If it's calm, then something in the middle, I like to throw drivers around 162g. If it's too light it's easy to overpower it, and it'll take off to the left or right, but if it's too heavy it'll be tough to make it go straight...

It takes many, many rounds to find the right weight range for you. But for anyone starting out, I'd recomend getting lighter drivers at first, 150-165.

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