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free education anyone?


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Or you can go to Anarchist U!

(info below is taken from this article...)

Anarchist U is a tuition-free school offering classes to anyone with a desire to learn. The initiative was jump-started over the summer by a handful of Torontonians hoping to fill a void in the education system.

"With university fees approaching $5,000 and the double cohort, it would seem that there would be kids who wanted to go to university who couldn't afford it," said Alan O'Connor, a member of the Anarchist U Collective.

A recent Statistics Canada study indicates that rising tuition fees have a profound effect on students' ability to attend post-secondary institutions. Thirty-nine per cent of respondents cited monetary constraints as the principal reason for not enrolling, according to the Post-secondary Education Participation Survey. Canadian students spend an average of $11,200 throughout the academic year, which is out of reach for many.

"If I had to pay $5,000 to go to university when I was a kid, I would not have gone. There's no question about it," said O'Connor.


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Call for Participants



Founding Meeting

Sat Aug 27 to Mon Aug 29, 2005

Arundel, Quebec, Canada

Founding meeting for an alternative and ecological

Canadian University, August 27-29 2005, Arundel,


- Are you interested in ecological education?

- Are you concerned about the rising costs of

post-secondary education?

- Would you like to help found a small innovative

university in Canada that is based on principles of

sustainability and social justice?

This August a group of academics, students and professors

from across the country are coming together to create the

foundations for an affordable and progressive Canadian

university, that demonstrates a unique curriculum and

vision based on principles of sustainability, affordability,

and social justice.

The project is inspired by many different models from

around the world, including Schumacher College in Britain,

The International Center for Sustainable Living in India,

United World Colleges, Ecoversity, Goddard College, and

many others.

If you are an ecological educator, a professor, or if you

have valuable organisational and fundraising skills, please

come to Quebec to help make the dream of an accessible

and ecological university in Canada a reality.

Registration forms are available on the website,

http://www.newuniversity.net , and the registration

deadline is August 10th, 2005.

Some travel subsidies may be available.

When: Sat Aug 27 to Mon Aug 29, 2005

Where: Arundel Natural Science Centre, Arundel, Quebec, Canada.

Price: Sliding scale $30-$50


Web: http://www.newuniversity.net

Contact: Laird Herbert

Phone: 250-832-5012 (Pacific Time)

E-mail: lherbert@riseup.net

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