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JSB in Montreal this Friday

Freak By Night

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Hi everyone, I'm gonna be in Montreal this weekend, and I noticed that the Jimmy Swift Band will be playing Friday night at "Le Swimming".

Does anyone know if I will need to purchase tickets in adavance, or would it be no problem to get them at the door? If I do have to get them in advance, from where?



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I would try to contact the venue, there was a fire there,at the back of the venue(inside it still) read about it on the slips website in the comments dept.Also we have some info up on the hub also as mentioned.

With that happening, you should really try to get down to Hamilton on Wed for the only ON date to have both JSB & GTB playing.


@ The Pepper Jack Cafe

38 King William st. Hamilton

Gonna be a great night~

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Le Swimming charges around 7-10$ for their shows and in my experience there has never been any problems getting in at the door. Bands start around 11pm, and the place doesn't usually fill up until later. If you go before 11, you'll have no trouble getting in, probably with a seat.

What kind of band is this? Is this something I should maybe take in? Anyway, have fun!

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Guest Low Roller

I would definitely hit this show if Le Swimming is even open.

I always figured the séparatists would burn that place for its english name. [Wink]

Regardless, JSB is as close to rave music you're gonna get using actual instruments. New Deal, Disco Biscuits, Blue Quarter come close in my books, but JSB takes it.

If you're really lucky, the lead singer will still have a bum throat and they'll play a full instrumental set.

Fuck it. I may even show up for this one from Ottawa!

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