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gtb in peterborough


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just wondering if anyones coming into town for this show- the blue room at the trash is a cool venue- smallish and intimate and i think kevo might be showing a heads tale at his house pre show- so yeah come on out its like an hour and a half from kingston or toronto depending where you leave from.

also nero- trasheteria thursday jan 23

pocketdwellers thursday jan 30-trash

hiway freeker-sosos seamless sets feb 7th-trash

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I can't wait to see GTB tomorrow night!!!!!

As for the movie, getting the equipment for it has been a real beeyotch but if worst comes to worst I think we're just gonna play it on my crappy tv at my house and have a whole bunch of pre-drinks.

Also, The So So's are possibly setting up their gear at my place, and if so there'll be a late night jamaroo with some of those guys and some of GTB I'm sure. You're all invited!

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