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2 New Diesel Dog mp3's


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Thats two completely amazing songs, I can only imagine how great the CD will sound.

Great job my friends.

Thanks for the amazing music.


Have you guys ever thought of covering Soul Survivor's "Highway to your heart".

I was listening to that song yesterday and immediatley thought of you guys.I love the orginals and dont mean to take away from em,but you guys also do amazing things with other songs.

See ya on wed. Ike.(drag Floyd out with ya)

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Hey Esau, can't say I know that song. Can't find it on kazaa either. If you have a version I'd love to hear it. We're always up for new ideas for cover tunes. I'll see what I can do about getting floyd out tomorrow, he might be working afternoons.

Mr. M, the recording is done, now it's just a matter of possibly another mix then mastering. We're hoping to have it out real soon.

And who is this cryptic Raven_Space? I feel I should know who you are.

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I was able to find it....the real title of the song is "Expressway to your heart"

Not highway.....sorry about that.

In kazaa type in "Expressway to your heart",theres a few different versions,but the one I heard on sunday was the one that made me think of you guys.(The Live version)The studio version is cool also.


Listening to it now...I could totally see you guys playing this....would make me get up and Give'r...although all D.D songs do that to me.

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