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Pocket Dwellers/Sweatshop Union/Slaves of Spanky (KINGSTON)


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This Thursday, June 16, at Elixir!

Tickets $8 advance at Zap Records, Brian's Record Option, UBS Exchange, Renaissance Music, Elixir and online at www.rockcrew.ca

In a world full of one-dimensional 'popular' music, it is rare to find a musical act with such diverse styles and talents as the POCKET DWELLERS. This eight-piece outfit is a multi-talented, multi-instrumental and multi-influenced collective. Musicians, ranging from classically or jazz trained, to street-smart and self-taught, the POCKET DWELLERS bring their diverse talents together to create a whole new sound that is anything but conventional. The line-up includes guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, a cadre of horns, a couple of turntables, a hip-hop M.C. and a wallop of energy! The POCKET DWELLERS meld all of these colours into one unique and powerful sound. Funk, soul, hip-hop, rock, jazz, drum & bass--all representing the sound of today's streets, these styles of music are blended to create the sound of the POCKET DWELLERS.

Sweatshop Union is not just a hip hop group with diverse vocal styles and crisp, soulful beats - they are the breath of fresh air that hip hop fans have been waiting for. Originally operating as four independent units (Kyprios, Dirty Circus, Creative Minds, and Innocent Bystanders), the Sweatshop Union Collective came together to offer an alternative to the seemingly repetitive, negative-natured released of rap music.

Sweatshop Union released their highly anticipated sophomore album 'Natural Progression' on Battleaxe/EMI Records in February 2004. Natural Progression cements Sweatshop Union as hip hop's provocative story tellers of the urban working class struggle. Sweatshop Union offer up their signature blend of melodic beats, live instrumentation and above all, powerfully political lyrics. Addressing the sometimes-harsh realities of the world from a unique perspective, Sweatshop Union encourage their listeners to realize that they have a choice.

Slaves of Spanky are Kingston’s velcro shoe-wearing, shit-hot RAP jam superstars. MCs BJ King and Cap't Footbags wear fresh helmets and bust forth with lightnin' hot RAPS while the funk is brought by Suganutz Walker (Rhodes, synth, Alphabet desk), Speedgrease Perlin (electric upright bass) and Fuzzy Hefner (drums/loops). The beats and grooves from the band keep the rumps shaking vigorously, but it's the MCs in the spotlight with a high-energy and goddamn hilarious performance that never ceases to be anything short of incomparably fun. Check out the pork-chop bling action and the rocking synchronized leg lifts in mid rap.

Presented by Rock Crew Productions, Elixir Nightclub and CFRC






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it's tonight!!

From the Pocket Dwellers forum (http://urbnetrecords.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=590)

As of 1:00pm June 15th, Pocket Dwellers are officially signed to EMI records. For those of you who aren't familiar with their roster some of their current artists include K-os, N.E.R.D, The Gorillaz, Norah Jones, and Feist to name a few.

This has been in the works for quite a few months now and to see it actually reach a head is....... Uplifting? I know its definitely a step in the right direction for us and we're excited about the opportunity to get more music out to you guys. So spread the word if you like, the official signing party will be at the Opera House this Friday June 17th in Toronto of course.

Thanks for being patient with us guys while we worked through the logistics. Rest assured this will be the first of many dominoes to fall for the Pocket Dwellers in the months to come.


Pocket Dwellers

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