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Sweatshop Union/ Wasabi in Oshawa


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2 good shows in 2 nites out here in Oshawa...only 45 minutes from Toronto...if you need directions to either venue pm me...hope to see you there

Sweatshop Union w/ DJ Moskeeto and DJ Reddafire

Wed. June 15th, Catch 22 Oshawa

Wasabi w/ guest Hulagirl and opening DJ Moskeeto and DJ Reddafire

Thursday June16, Velvet Elvis, Oshawa

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Slaves Of Spanky is opening the Sweatshop Union show too


Slaves of Spanky are Kingston’s velcro shoe-wearing, shit-hot RAP jam superstars. MCs BJ King and Cap't Footbags wear fresh helmets and bust forth with lightnin' hot RAPS while the funk is brought by Suganutz Walker (Rhodes, synth, Alphabet desk), Speedgrease Perlin (electric upright bass) and Fuzzy Hefner (drums/loops). The beats and grooves from the band keep the rumps shaking vigorously, but it's the MCs in the spotlight with a high-energy and goddamn hilarious performance that never ceases to be anything short of incomparably fun. Check out the pork-chop bling action and the rocking synchronized leg lifts in mid rap.

BJ and Footbags started the SOS Crew as two rappers and a drum machine in the small but sexy town of Tamworth, Ontario in 1996. Realizing that digital gadgets (especially watches and computers) were on the way out, SOS became a live band, bringing in a local jazz/funk trio (Walker, Perlin, Fuzzy) to supply the hot RAP rhythms. Now, it’s two MCs and a backing band of schooled funkateers fuelled on cheeseburgers and donuts, and Slaves of Spanky have become fresher than TV's McGyver at the peak of his short and lucrative career. DAMN.

Currently based in Kingston Ontario, Slaves of Spanky are RAPPIN' and crap-talking their way into the hearts of millions, filling clubs across Eastern Ontario and opening for such acts as Sum 41, Pocket Dwellers, Choclair, Sweatshop Union and Grand Buffet. SOS are currently recording their second full length album, due out in September 2005, and will be touring Canada in a hovercraft. Or Minivan.

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so Wasabi is tonite in Oshawa...lookin like its gonna be all out madness heretoo... cant wait!

Sweatshop Union last night...not exactly what i thought it was gonna be...cant say I liked it either...the band is great but the rhymin done by that white guy who doesnt have a hip hop bone in his body...thnx to my old friend John Labatt though for everthing, he always comes through to make a mediocre night a fantastic one...so CHEERS

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yeah man...I'm leavin to pick up granny at 2:00 be back at like 6-7...I dont think my friend John can make it tonite though POG i think he got stuck in NEWCASTLE ;) with Mary Jane ;)...Shwa rawk city is the place to be tonite

were gonna tear this whole buildin down!!!!!

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