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trying this again...


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if any peeps have been/are going to montreal jazzfest, know of anywhere good to stay?

we were gonna get an apartment for the week but the ones we tried for are taken. i'm thinking of trying this travelodge 10 min. walk from it all for 157$ night, not bad. hope it's not full...

any advice?

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For apartment-style hotels, check out La Tour Centre-Ville on Rene-Levesque Blvd. It's located a block south of St-Catherine and about 3 blocks west of St. Laurent. All rooms have kitchens and range in size from studio to large suite. I've stayed there many, many times and it's always served me well.


Don't forget to ask for discount rates if anyone in your group qualifies... e.g. government, CAA, etc.

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when i went up for jazzfest many moons ago we stayed at a [color:purple]fine establishment, called "la couronne" - "the crown". exactly which king it would be fit for i can't be sure, but what an interesting place!

it was cheap and the location was good, i will say that. if you are going by yourself, i wouldn't recommend staying there. however, if you're going with friends who make you feel safe, definitely do! it's an experience.

and if you stay in the room in the basement, check on the back of the painting on the wall.. we all signed the back of it one year.. hehehe. :P

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