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Rumoured Trey Tour Venues


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10,000 Lakes Festival

Soo Pass Ranch

Detroit Lakes, MN

Lakefront Pavilion at Northerly Island

Chicago, IL 60605

Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Morrison, CO

Open Air Theatre

San Diego, CA

Greek Theatre

Los Angeles, CA

Warfield Theater

San Francisco, CA

Roseland Theater

Portland, OR

Big Easy Concert House

Spokane, WA

Commodore Ballroom

Vancouver, BC

Big Easy Concert House

Boise, ID

Boulder Theater

Boulder, Colorado

Memorial Hall

Kansas City, KS

Tower City Amphitheater

Cleveland, OH

Ampitheatre at Station Square

Pittsburgh, PA

House of Blues

Atlantic City, NJ

Filene Center

Wolf Trap Vienna, VA

Jannus Landing

St. Petersburg, FL

Pompano Ampitheatre

Pompano Beach, FL

The Charlottesville Pavilion

Charlottesville, VA

Tommy Hilfiger At Jones Beach Theater

Wantagh, NY

Mccoy Stadium

Pawtucket, RI

Six Flags Darien Lake

Darien Center, NY

Champlain Valley Exposition

Essex Junction, VT

Only one Canadian date, although the Darien and Essex dates could become a mini-tour for people in Ontario...

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Commodore Ballroom

Vancouver, BC

That seems like a cool sounding venue, although I have no idea what it is like. StnMtn? Are you thinking of going and would you be willing to offer up one of your stellar reviews?

Hell, I would love to start a Skanc Fund for the ticket purchase just to read that review.

Oh crap.

These are rumours.

Carry on...............................

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I got this from treyfans.com:

July 27, 2005

Lakefront Pavilion at Northerly Island

1300 S. Linn White Drive, Chicago, IL 60605

On sale: Sat, 06/25/05 12:00 PM . Showtime 7:00 tickets $37.50. Lakefront

Pavilion at Northerly Island will seat a capacity of 7,500 patrons. Flexible seating

will allow for reserved bleachers and a general admission pit for some shows,

and reserved seating for others. More info to come. The venue is located in the

heart of Chicago's Museum Campus, right on the shores of Lake Michigan.

*This show was posted on the Tickmaster database on Sat. 6/11. at 8:00 am.

We caught it before it was removed. Dates tba any time now!

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i think trey could care less what city the shows are played in, as long as tickets are selling good.

oh theres got to be a good supply of OCs

whos got trey's heady 80s as a bride?

maybe we could all kick in on a super stash bag for trey. give your contributions to me. i'll see that trey gets it.


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Yep, the Commodore is great. I've seen lots of bands there (Ratdog, Rev. Horton Heat, John Popper, GWAR, Delbert McClinton, Micky Hart w/ Mystery Box, George Clinton...)

It's a big huge open room with great sound. The topper, though, is that the floor actually BOUNCES UP AND DOWN with a dancing crowd! It's awesome. You can really feel the bouncing, sometimes, kinda like a trampoline.

If this happens, you know I'll be there Booche, with a review to follow; however I haven't heard a word of this breathed around here, so I'm a bit skeptical that this is ever gonna happen.

I'm trying to resist bugging my friend at Upstream Entertainment for the inside word on this, and trying to just be patient...

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"I went to see Trey in Columbus, Ohio and was alarmed when I (walking around backstage) walked into a bathroom and caught big Red, balls deep in a dirty, matted sheep that was squirming and squealing around like a scared pig."

and Trey shall be known from this point on as

Papa Shango Sheep Shagger

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I was last there April 2.

Are you comparing the bounciness from before the place closed quite a while back and then re-opened like 6 years ago or so? I had never been there before it closed, so I can't really say. I must admit, though, that it's not as bouncy as I had originally thought it would be based on reports I'd heard. It takes quite an energetic crowd to get the bounciness happening.

Re my avatar: Thank you. :)

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Trey's managers (Coran Capshaw/Red Light Management) are the ones who not only bring DMB up here almost every year but have put DMB on several cross-Canada tours.

Where do you guys come up with this stuff??

What does that have to do with Trey? DMB can sell out in Canada and all over the world - that has nothing to do with managers managing and deciding it is not cost-effective or bottom line worth it to come to Toronto.

Where do you come up with your lack of logic?

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We can disagree yes. I was responding to the stones that were cast with "where do you guys come up with this stuff?" and your use of DMB to back up your statement.

DMB is not logically connected to Trey when it comes to who can sell out Toronto etc. - thats all. (maybe there is an argument that he is, but at the very least having the same management group doesn't seem to make that argument.)

Not meant personally or anything... just having fun and contributing...

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Sorry for the over-reaction.

I brought up DMBs management connection because they have been very proactive in presenting their act (DMB) outside of their top markets. So, by example of past business moves, if anything, we have more a chance of Trey coming to not just Toronto but to other Canadian markets than ever before. Maybe not to the ACC but maybe to Massey Hall or Arrow Hall or someplace like that.

It's all moot anyway until dates are announced and some patterns begin to form.

For what it's worth the Toronto Sun noted last week that while Zooma was cancelled due to poor ticket sales in many markets, that Toronto wasn't one of them.

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