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Mouse vs. Spider


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Watching that video made me miss Charolette. It's crazy because a Chilean Rose Haired Taruntula (what that appears to be in the clip) that size can survive off 2 crickets per week. That mouse will have her full for probably a month or more!!

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Ok, spiders gotta eat, but I hate it when it's a human setup (I wish I had a handy link to Douglas Adams' observations on the feeding of goats to Komodo dragons for tourist thrills...). We're so goddamn meddlesome! Why can't we just leave well enough alone?!

I mean, think about mice in science stories from 2004 alone:

- mice fed Prozac turn out to be anxious when they become adults [imagine!]

- they grafted stem cells onto blad mice to have them grow hair [ok, growing bald spot here; the chem companies might almost have me here]

- fatherless mice have been bred in labs [messiah mouse to follow?]

- they've bred mice whose mitochondria break down in imitation of aging

- and of course our eponymous Harvard mouse, engineered specifically to be more susceptible, in perpetuity, to cancer (and kick-ass royalties in the States, to boot)...

Why do we complain that life is so cheap, when this kind of stuff is touted as the apex of culture and learning?


"Organic life, we are told, has developed gradually from the protozoon to the philosopher, and this development, we are assured, is indubitably an advance. Unfortunately, it is the philosopher, not the protozoon, who gives us this assurance."

(Bertrand Russell)

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Del, qualify your first "damn!"

clearly the life of a mouse is worth less than the life of a human (and this from a hardcore vegg and animal-rigths activist) BUT exploiting the life of 'lesser' animals for ANY human pusuit of entertainment (including keeping exotic pets) is really wrong and simply taking advantage of our place in the biosphere and acting extremely selfishly, self-centred-ly and stupidly. There is nothing 'natural' about putting a mouse in a glass cage with a tarantula. Few will argue that it's more than just about a cheap thrill, and a powerful, yet abusive, feeling of controlling life/death.

[if anyone is willing, I'll gladly offer up a similar cheap thrill on Canada Day -- Del and I (or anyone stupid enough to take me on) in a glass cage

It's always fun to see the 'natural order' of things upturned. PLease ensure 9-1-1 is on speed dial and I'd also recommed that no-one who currently likes the contours of his nose volunteer!]

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My "Damn!" was meant in the context of "Damn! That spider is fast... That's fucking crazy!"

I'm a-scared of spiders - seeing videos like this doesn't help...

And Deb, I would get in a glass cage to take you on, but I imagine my intoxicated state would make me far less of a challenge than you seem to be interested in...

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yah Del -- that's right -- no intoxicants allowed!! You need to FEEL the PAIN I inflict,

[although I also teach women how to cause 'mechanical failure' -- breaking certain joints to cause temporary disablement in case an attacker is too high to be feeling pain. If you break certain joints/bones, a person can't stand, run. or use an arm. Pretty handy knowledge!]

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No offence Dr. Evil Mouse, but if killing a few mice means that I will be able to live longer or that a cure for a disease can be found I say fuck the mice...

Of course that's a tough line to walk. Of course we've got the bigger brains, and of course if our kid were suffering from some godforsaken disease we'd want to do what we could to deal with it, but the brutality of human curiosity is relentless, and we abandon sensitivity really pretty fast whenever we seem to get the chance. Sure, that poor critter wasn't terribly bright ("wow, that looks just like the same cave I scoped out... three seconds ago!"), but the "experiment" above is at the end of the day about entertainment. 'Nuff said?

Sorry - world-wrecking species remorse....

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