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Are there any Catherine Wheel fans in the house?

Guest Low Roller

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Guest Low Roller

In my continuing quest to present bands outside of the Jamband scene, this time I have chosen one of my favorite bands of all-time: Catherine Wheel.

The idea was spawned from the Top 10 Albums thread, where I posted "Happy Days" as one of my 10 top albums, and had several enthusiastic positive comments, notably from Fluffhead77 and Kaidy Mae.

Yes, "Happy Days" is one hell of a great rock album. It smokes everything released in the mid-90s, and is by far one of the best brit-rock records released start to finish. It should've eclipsed Oasis' "What's The Story? (Morning Glory)", if there was any justice.

I saw Catherine Wheel live twice. The first time I saw them at Foufounes Electriques in Montréal in 1997 was the second best show I have ever been to (#1 is Radiohead in 1997 at the Congress Centre in Ottawa).

The 2nd time I saw them was during the ill-fated Summersault show of 2000 at the Rideau Carleton Raceway. Also an amazing show, but the band has by this time run its course after releasing their 6th studio album (and weakest) "Wishville".

Their studio albums include:

"Ferment" --> First got them noticed.

"Chrome" --> Their finest moment. Recommended.

"Happy Days" --> Loudest album. Definitely on 11. Recommended.

"Like Cats And Dogs" --> Album of B-Sides that are better than most A-sides. Recommended.

"Adam and Eve" --> Very sorrowful, musical, and introspective.

"Wishville" --> Not that great.

Fun fact: The lead singer, Rob Dickinson, shares his last name with another famous star of the rock world of the same name. In fact they are related.


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I'm with you, Roller. Catherine Wheel is one of those underated Brit bands. Chrome, Happy Days were seminal university albums for me and Adam and Eve got me through the Korea experience.

My favorite thing to do to hook people, even if if for a novelty was to play the lovely ballad, Eat My Dust for them and watch the look on their face as the chorus came to a resolve!

They still playing?

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yeah that's what I had heard too, too bad I never got to see them...I was a HUUUUUUGE fan of Happy Days and have since listened to Chrome and Ferment, albeit with a little less fervour...coulda been a time where I was on a serious D'n B kick though so most of my rock roots were ignored...thanks for thread LR, I'm goin' diggin this week and gonna pull out some of that rock...

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