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Guten Tag


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For those of you that I don't have on my email, here's a copy:

Whats up group email!

Sitting here in Germany waiting for a machine to free up so I can continue learning this jive.

I know everyone who comes here says this but words can't describe how beautiful it is here. I am stationed in a tiny town (pop. 500) at the base of an old mountain range (sort of like the Tenessee hills but covered with lush deciduous forest) There are hot springs in three directions, all within walking distance but have been bought up and charge for their use. I'll get to them eventually but I haven't been able to pull myself away from the hiking. I arrived in Frankfurt Saturday morning very early got my rental car and drove to Gaggenau-Bad Rotenfels (my town) and fell asleep instantly. I woke up around 5:30 and decided to drive around the village and get my bearings. I ended up finding the logging road (very secluded) to the highest and closest peak near town. I followed it to the very top where there was an ancient firepit......so I made a fire and captured one of the most beautiful sunsets I've ever seen setting over the mountains on the opposite side of the valley all the while a 20 minute Reba was playing, the jam in that tune had me smiling considering where i was. Man, what a first night. I had to actually stop myself from saying `this is amazing´ over and over. I did some meditation amongst the birdsongs for about 30 minutes and then booked when it got dark.

On Sunday I awoke to a sweet breakfast that the little old lady who owns my Gastehaus prepared for me. I'm staying in this very quaint Inn type place, like a bed and breakfast. I then went for a look around the place by car again and came to directions to Baden-Baden. Its sooooooo beautiful. The richest city in all of Germany i'm told, and it looks the part. Very touristy, lots of Chinese with cameras (cliche, I know) On my drive back I got lost but it was great! I ended up at the top of a different mountain that had an awesome trail to a castle situated on the very peak. For 50 Euro cents I went to the top turret and got the best view i've ever had in my life. Pictures to follow. Some German backpackers I befriended up there told me there was actually a crushed gravel trail that went almost from my hotel all the way to the base of the castle....so i hauled ass home and loaded the backpack and went for a 22km hike (round trip) to the castle and back. No pictures of that, the forest was too thick and I'm sure you've all seen trees before I did do a little dance to Glide though at the top of one hill. surreal.

Tired as hell, i grabbed some beers at the gas station got about 4 in me and passed out.

Monday (Monntag) I had to go to work. NO ENGLISH!!!!!! Try getting trained on complicated equipment when the dude training you knows NONE. They did manage to find a kid that speaks it but he is here and there all the time with his own responsiblities so its tough as hell but no big deal, i'll just have to be here longer (Damn, eh) That night I finished my tour of the town.

The beer here is sooooooo tasty. There's a local brew, Cristoph-brau (sp?) that i've taken a liking to, damn its good. I would equate it to a sweet Creemore but less heavy. They change their flavours by season (the brewery) and so i won't get to sample their thicker stuff.

Well, i'm being beckoned back to work so i'll leave it at that, take it easy all.


BTW, this weekend is the Swiss Alps.

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Tag und wie ghet's?? mochtest du deinen holiday?? thats my feeble attempt to remember the german i learned in highschool...I did spend 3 months in Paschau...a little village S/W of Munchen in the forrest...hope you're havin fun to bad there is no love parade this year...had the time of my life at that...peas

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Hey Schwampy - very glad to hear you made it to Germany safe and sound and you're lovin' it out there! Keep us posted on all your adventures and take lots of pictures!!!!!

I don't know how much longer I can hold this kid in, maybe another week? We'll be sure to email ya when he's born.

OH... and we bought the home version of Family Feud - we'll have to play a game when you get back :)

Play safe and have fun!!!!! We miss you already!

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