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Wanna hear a funny story?


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long story short cuz i don't wanna bore anyone with my personal stories...i was backstage at bonnaroo, walking towards one of the gates to the main stage when mike gordon was walking towards me at a very fast pace. he was looking in the opposite direction talking to a friend.

anyways, he's gonna slam right into me so i'm trying to duck and weave but at the last second i couldn't avoid him and he slammed right into my chest. he said, "oh my goodness, i'm sorry are you all right?" i said "yup" and he smiled and walked away.

anyways, lame story but mike was wearing jeans and they were hiked up at the bottom like you would do in grade 2 when you'd play in the puddles. but it wasn't wet or muddy where we were. lame story but for me it was really funny considering my state of mind at the time.

oh yeah, i also briefly talked to joss stone. told her how my girlfriend is a big fan and was jealous that i was able to see her play in manchester. then she invited me back to her tour bus and...ok the last part is a lie but wow!!!! she is GORGEOUS!!!!;)

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