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glad I am coming to Ottawa tonight.

When are the welcoming festivities? :)

And I'm glad it didn't go any worse than it did. Were/are there any trucks with logos on them, so (assuming it's a real painter) you can figure out who it is/was?



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That is terrible news. I know how you feel.

I once left my house for about an hour and a half, to return and find that a very efficient robber had managed to take almost everything that mattered to me, without disturbing anything else.

It's a very violating feeling.

As your lawyer, I advise you to drink copious amounts of alcohol tonight in Ottawa.

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That is wild, SM, sorry to hear about it. We had a B&E a couple weeks ago (more like just an E I guess, our front door was unlocked). They were in the house while we were asleep, but we didn't see anybody...I can't imagine what we would have done if we had happened upon the burglars. Glad to hear he didn't get anything.

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