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Weather in Toronto - back to reality


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I can't tell you how thrilled I am to see this forcast:

Wednesday: Hi: 24°c Lo: 13°c

A mix of sun and cloud with showers.

Thursday: Hi: 21°c Lo: 10°c

A mix of sun and cloud.

Friday: Hi: 20°c Lo: 10°c

A mix of sun and cloud with showers.

Saturday: Hi: 22°c Lo: 13°c


Hopefully it holds up - my bike has been collecting dust for too long.

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The Ottawa 5-day forecast looks pretty good, too. I slept in the basement last night, because even with the windows open on the 2nd floor, it was still so hot and humid (and windless, largely) as to be a nearly impossible sleeping environment. At least with a couple of days with overnight lows < 20C, I can open the windows up at the front and back of the house upstairs, and air out the place, replacing the hot air within with cool air from without.



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I've been riding my bike to the studio everyday since the snow melted but lately with the humid-ditty my brakes have been near useless as the moisture/grease combo makes the rims like hot butter. A few close calls with bumpers and pedestrians....

Looking forward to the drop in temperature and heat but really, after the crapload of weather we've had since last summer, I'll take this.

Yesterday's monsoon was very cool. Watched through the office window as cats, dogs, pigs, chickens, horses and many other critters rained down from the skies amongst the thunder & lightning...

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haha...well with my line up of phun..I may think I'm in Oz w/a house on my head but yes hopefully that won't be my reality!!

All I know is no computers or telephones are allowed and hopefully mother earth will be kind and I can hold onto my gitches!

I aint asking for much!

I've had a change of heart...Mother Earth can bring on whatever she pleases! Absolutely nothing, not even a tornado could mess with the shine on I'm gonna have!!!HONK!HONK!

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