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Bruce Springsteen in Toronto


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The boss is hurtin...He doesnt know when to quit....the only good thing about him ..isa when adam sandler plays him on saturday night live when Courtney Cox was hosting it...Check that out if ya havent seen it...priceless..its on the best of adam sandler SNL dvd

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The boss has lost his way....he used to rock out so hard, and now he sings about the same sh@t in every song, and every song sounds the same...If he was playing with his full band I would definately check it out, but I am not going to give ticketmaster any more money to see a solo show!!!

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You getting tickets Guigsy? You got a date yet?

dunno, it crossed my mind... but ultimately, my ass is squarely on the fence. have seen spearhead, curious about SCI.... but the boss solo! if i could still make it after umphrey's set, that would be another notch in the "pro" column... dunno, though... what're ticket prices for ottawa?

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I get to buy tickets tomorrow at 10:00am, so I assume the public onsale will be either this Saturday or Monday. I can buy a max of 2 and I my want to go. If not, email me a number where you will be reachable tomorrow and I will let you know.


Also, keep in mind that the tickets I am typically offered are in sections 105/106 or 121/122. I *think* this will be in the concert bowl config.


No guarantees.

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I'll be trying to get tickets for this show.

via www.ticketmaster.ca

CA $90.00 - CA $110.00

Internet Onsale Info

Onsale to General Public:

Mon, 06/20/05 10:00 AM EDT






THU JUL 14 2005 8:00PM

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My only concern Guigs is that this is being held at the Corel Center? That doesnt seem to be a viable venue for a solo show.

yeah, thats what i was thinking... think they'd shorten it up, turn it into a theatre kinda setting? or would they go for the gusto and have the whole thing open?

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